The twins are loving soccer this year.  Animal comes up with a new plan that he explains to the coach before practice.  His first plan involved forming a circle around the ball and then shuffling towards the net.  The coach let them try it out, but alas.... it didn't work.  Back to the drawing board.

They are both the masters of the big D - defense.  Builder defends with a classic slide kick whenever the ball gets close.  Animal has tried out the goal position a couple times and seems to like it.  Although he forgets that he can use his hands.
This league is full participation, so there are way too many kids on the field.  But they are seem to have a great time.  In this picture you can see the swarm of kids chasing the ball.  Specifically, Animal just kicked the ball.  He is the red head with the maroon stripped pants and Builder is defending the goal with his measured gate in the bright blue jacket.  I had some more pictures, but they didn't want to load.  More another time

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