Home Learning This Week

Here are some of the things we did. When people come to visit, we have been identifying where they are from on a map. And with the tragedy in Japan, we have been learning about earthquakes and tsunami's. We even made a volcano at home. We started some seeds in side for spring gardening. We signed out a book from the library on seeds and found out how to make avocado plants and started our own. We made some banana bread and chicken dinners. Oh, and we have been learning the letter 'M' with various activities. With the warmer weather we have been getting outside at least once a day: biking, walking, or swimming at Papa's. All this, plus a whole lot more. At the moment, all three boys and my husband are disassembling an air purifier that broke to see what is inside and how it works. Never a dull moment around here. Oh, we even visited the zoo.

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