We have suffered with diet issues around here, namely with the twins. Now however, with the toddlers recent bowel troubles, we are investigating more diet issues. Sure enough, after a visit to our naturalpathic doctor and some testing, the toddler has similar intolerances. Ug. We sort of figured that dairy was going to be one of them and after our last visit, we made the switch to goat products. We immediately saw a change in his skin for the better, but his desire to keep his poop inside him did not end. The addition of whole flax seeds taken with warm water and flax oil is moving things along, but he is still trying to keep it inside.

Today, we had his allergy testing and are now back to a strict diet: no wheat or corn, no grapes or strawberries, no tomatoes/onions/cucumber/soy, no sugar/vinegar/honey(this is a hard one for me), no beef/pork/turkey (we found this one interesting). He can have rice, though. Ya. I was afraid of that one. So, I guess we will eat up all of these foods that are in the house and then start on the diet strict for 6 weeks and then get re-tested. Oh my.

I have a feeling the baby also has some intolerances. She has quite the rash where she drools. Perhaps dairy passed through breast milk? Oh the life.

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