Favorite Places

The toddler loves shoes. His favorite place in the entire house is..... the entrance shoe closet. At a meer mention of the word shoes, he bolts for the closet. If he is aware that we are headed out of the house, he brings me my shoes, one at a time so that he gets to return to his beloved place. We accidentally purchased some squeaking shoes and he prances around making them squeak. It is all very cute.

Yesterday, we discovered a new favorite place - water. I mean, I new he likes to take baths. He is always the first one in and runs there as soon as all his clothes are off. And at the lake, he has walked straight in, clothes and all, several times in an attempt to drown himself and give me a heart attack. But, I just didn't realize how much he loved the water until yesterday.

The twins were given an 8' x 30" pool. Since yesterday was so hot, I thought I would set it up for them. There wasn't even a skiff of water in the pool before the toddler was running around in it squealing with glee. He stayed in there until the water was about waste height, on him, and he was shivering so bad I thought his teeth would chip. I thought I would take him out and change him until he was warm. Well, he screamed for the next hour straight. At one point he bolted from the house, down the slide, and was in the pool before you could blink - no life jacket. Uhg. Needless to say, the pool is now put away and has been replaced by the little kiddy pool - where upon waking from his nap, he spent the remainder of the day. Way too much work/screaming/heart stopping action for this house. I guess we will have to try again next summer.

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