This week

We have had a crazy and exciting week.  We kicked things off with some dancing with the Ole Time Fiddlers until late last Saturday.  This gathering is organized monthly.  We were by far the youngest there and the first to leave.  As we headed out the door, a couple old gals stopped to warn us that we would miss the feast.  We asked when it was happening and they said in about an hour - it was already 10:30!!!  These guys know how to party.  We were shown all sorts of new dances, bounced around, laughed. It was a blast.

Monday we took part in a cow eye dissection that a fellow home learner had organized.  For a buck an eye, we explored the inner workings of the eye ball.  We did this at the local Science Centre with about 50 other home learners.  The science centre even set up an exploratory video for us to follow along and inform us about the eye.  I made sure to purchase a cup extra eyes to dissect at home with Dad. He, he.  Bug was right in there.  This was a lot of fun.

Tuesday we had our Co-op Gathering and headed or a walk around a nearby lake.  When we got to te lake there were some youth skating on it.  they had drilled through the centre of the lake and the ice was already 6 inches think.  so instead of walking around, we walked across the ice.  It was really cold out and the kids were really ready to head home for jot chocolates.

Thursday we headed to the local observatory to star gaze and learn about the stars.  It was cloudy, but we still watched an informative slide show, checked out the second biggest telescope in the province, and p,ayec with some smaller telescopes.  

By Friday the kids and I were ready for some R &R.

Today we are off for some fun at the Y.  There is a big do for National Children's Day. Fun.

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