So much to do

And just so little time.  We have been crazy busy around here.  LBB built an epic train bridge.

We headed to our old home town for a week to visit family and some favorite places.  We enjoyed a yummy family dinner with wonderful cousins, aunt and Uncle.  Ungortunately, my mom was helping my sister with her new babe.  We did get lots of time with my dad, though.  There was the zoo, of course.  Do you see that peacock?  We sure did.

Our visit was cut short by a bit of an accident involving LBB and a climbing apparatus.  We visited the greats on the way home.

We had a delicious family dinner with the in-laws and took in stories from Grandpas recent visit to China.  He brought back some goodies for all.

We visited Science World, too.  We love that place.  They all loved the LEGO exhibit.  They built creations and embellished the using a green screen.

We visited the skate park and discovered the twins bikes needed a tune up.  We hiked the mountain.

We start soccer and BMX racing next week and are just wrapping up Judo.  Also, I have organized a homeschool vo-op and that starts next week.  I am in the midst of report cards for my job.  Oh and beefcake is leaving tomorrow for a week of golf and male boasting.

The weather has improved and my kids head out in the afternoons to play with neighbor kids for hours.  

Life had gotten so very full.

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