I think every post during this time of life could be titles: busy or sick.  That seems to be the extent of things around here lately.  At least the sick has not resulted in a hospital stay - ya to our crazy diet and naturopathic/pharmaceutical remedies.  They seem to be working.  I myself have noticed a huge change now that I am on this diet too.  I do not get sick.  I may get a sore throat and a bit tired, but that is the extent of it.  It doesn't seem to matter how little sleep I get.  I am not getting sick.  Wow.  I used to catch everything.  I am starting to realize that I am the one with all these food intolerances and I have passed them on to my kids.  Eeek.  Sorry kiddo's.

I have felt rather uninspired to write of late.  I am finding my head extremely cluttered.  This is a direct result of our very cluttered house at the moment.  I really do like a tidy house and a clean floor to keep my head in the right frame of mind.  But with our reno, the chaos is starting to slip into the rest of the house.  We painted the kitchen and hallway last weekend/this week, so there are pictures and tables crammed everywhere.  We are starting to see an end, though.  The paint is done.  The floor goes in Wednesday.  The counters are getting measured Monday and hopefully put in the following week.  I managed to find the same counter top we currently have, so we no longer have to replace all the kitchen counters.  We just have to replace the main one.  This saved us a tonne of $$.

We have been in full swing school/unschool mode around here.  Trips to the library.  Nature walks.  Farm visits.  Long discussions around the dinner table.  Crafting extravaganzas.  Board games.  I am truly having a blast spending all this time with my kids and am completely in awe of all they are learning.  Twin2 seems to grow his vocabulary by the minute.  He truly enjoys playing with words.  We were down at the beach park the other day swinging on the the swings when twin1 starts to describe how the lake and rivers are all connected and lead to the ocean.  Wow.  I love this.

The toddler has learned to ride a bike with training wheels, although he prefers his balance bike.  The baby still isn't walking, but she is talking.  She said 'Hi, Da.' to my husband on the phone the other day.

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