To Be Continued..continued

I feel like I am talking to a friend after a long sojourn. So, to reiterate, life has been crazy busy.

I sort of challenged myself this summer to save us some money this winter and fill the freezer. Alas, we have been berry picking (blueberries and raspberries), we have been canning (pickled beans and zucchini, and cherries), we have been blanching and freezing greens, and most recently we have been jamming (raspberry). In regards to the jamming, my husband tells me it tastes so good we are no longer allowed to buy store bought - I guess we should have picked more berries. Oh, and I can't forget the frozen rhubarb for ketchup.

(The crazy doctor lady from across the street, kitty-corner, is wheeling her lawn mower up the big hill and is going to mow her lawn at 6:30am. I think doctors are a bit like teachers - you have to be a bit wacko to survive the long haul.)

Then there are all the summer adventures, as we like to call them, that we have been taking. Trips to the lake for tadpole and frog catching, hikes through the woods and around lakes, feeding the ground squirrels at the provincial park. We have been busy and loving it. All the kids are now riding, or striding in the toddler's case, a bike and we head out for hour long rides around the neighborhood with the baby strapped into the seat on the back of my bike. We finally, FINALLY got the boat running and took it out for a spin. Now my husband and I really do have to get our boat license.

The house is coming along. The insulation inspection passed and now we are awaiting all the final finishes. The majority of which will take place while we are away next week in Hawaii. Wahoo. Our first non-driving, non-home based, week long vacation in 61/2 years. In fact, my husband and I were talking and realized that the last time we were in Hawaii we arrived home and became pregnant with the twins. Oh how children change your life.

Speaking of how children change your life. My amazing sister who has been the most wonderful aunt to my brood has just had a baby boy of her own. I can't wait to see what an awesome and loving mother she will be. But, oh is it going to change a few things around their house. I believe her husband is in for a bit of an eye opening. Not to mention the fact they are moving house to a beautiful location that I hope they love. It really looks nice. So, I am now an Aunt again. It seems different when it is your own sister, though. I feel a strong attachment and connection already. He was born 5 weeks early, 5lbs 2 oz at 4:58(?) on August 22, 2011. They have chosen a regal name, of which twin1 is very excited because it rhymes with his.

This wondrous birth happened on the tale of the funeral of my Great Aunt. This was a shocking time as she was diagnosed with cancer and passed on a mere 13 days later. My mother said that she was an extremely strong woman, never sick a day in her life - aside from the cancer diagnosis. I remember her as happy, loving, and comforting. Every time we saw each other she treated me like her own grandchild. I remember her graciousness and giving ways and desire to replicate this. Her death and memorial were very touching and got me thinking about my own connection with God. Her relationship to Jehovah was a vital part of who she was and seemed inspiring to me.

I had already decided that much of the twins formal education this year would be literature based with an emphasis on bible principles and the passing of my Great Aunt reaffirmed my decision. In fact, the twins have been asking a lot about Jehovah and I am happy to guide them whereas prior I was unsure of my position and what to say.

The whirlwind summer is coming to an end. We are flying away for one last adventure before embarking a new adventure of homeschooling and regaining our family rhythm.


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  1. What a lovely comment about our Great Aunt. Let us know how your lesson plans for the kids shape up this year. We're going to have to start similar things with our bubby too. Colin