Feeling a bit frazzled at this very moment. I am taking advantage of 3 boys playing down stairs, hopefully nicely, and the baby sleeping - ah, I hear some crying.... and here comes the toddler. Poor little man. He just wants to play with his big brothers. He has given up napping most days, which means that I now have to be on the ball all day long. I am finding that to be extremely tiresome. I am not in shape for this transition. A few days of adjustment are needed. Oh, (I do not know how to get rid of the highlight) the twins are creeping up in to the living room with a wonderful creation out of 'tinker toys' that they will now describe in detail.... The toddler has not been well lately. We thought he may have swallowed a penny. An x-ray revealed that he had not, or at least that it had passed. The doctor put him on a laxative that I think is starting to fix things up. We are weaning him off it now and he has ceased screaming all day long when he tries to poop. ya.

The twins have learned to ride bikes without training wheels. Ya for them. Such big boys. Two weekends ago, I walked in to the living room, where my husband was preparing to watch cartoons with his boys the entire morning, turned off the TV, and said we are heading outside and taking the training wheels off. 15 minutes later they were riding to Grandma's house. Wow. I have video processing, but it seems to be taking a bit.

So we went from beautiful sunny days, to snow. We have 2 feet of snow on the ground. Unbelievable crazy weather.

We journeyed up to the ski hill last weekend. My amazing husband worked some long days during the week and got an extra day off on the weekend. We enjoyed 2 beautiful days of snow. My husband and I even got to take the twins out twice and ski with them. They are amazing. 4 is such a ground breaking year. The ski crazy fast - straight because they like to go fast. They ski with their eyes almost popping out of their heads because they are going so fast. I immediately took them into the trails on the sides of the runs to slow them down. This worked, but I am not sure they will ever venture back onto the runs to practice turning... The baby did reasonable well on the travel up to the ski hill, but not quite as well on the way back. After the adventurous weekend, I am left completely exhausted. That, combined with the toddlers lack of napping is doing me in.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but I completed a quilt for my husband's brother. He had been hinting for one. I forgot to take a picture before I gave it too him. I will have to remember to take one the next time I am at his place. It turned out well. It is a very manly quilt with flames around the outside. Very cool. I have begun my next quilt for my darling husband. He went to the fabric store with me and picked some extremely vibrant colours and has requested a duvet cover.

Well, I believe the kids have just invaded the babies room and woken her up. Off to my parents house to swim in the pool. I am going to wear these guys out. (the pool is broken :()

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